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  • 人民币结汇
    CNY Settlement
  • 收款icon备份 3
    Global Collection
  • 汇款
    Global Payments
CNY Settlement
Epay collaborates with leading domestic banks. We also partner with Alipay, the digital payments solution, to provide safe, compliant, efficient, and convenient CNY settlement services for overseas users and cross-border merchants.
CNY Settlement

Industry Solutions

For Overseas Chinese

For Overseas Chinese

Epay is the one-stop cross-border payment service provider for people overseas, who study, travel, trade, migrate and work abroad.
For Cross-border E-commerce

For Cross-border E-commerce

Epay provides you with suitable payment solutions. We assist you to solve payment difficulties, increase customer acquisition, and boost sales.
For Social Media Platforms

For Social Media Platforms

Your payees from different countries can receive money through a local bank or pick it up in cash with a favorable exchange rate and low costs.

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