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How do we improve the experience of global payment?

When you need to make cross-border remittance

  • High International transfer fee
  • Limited payment method
  • Timeliness cannot be guaranteed
  • Difficult to operate
Benefits of using Epay to remit
  • Free to transfer
  • Easy to use
  • Support multiple E-currencies
  • Simple operation interface

When you plan to study and travel abroad

  • Loss half in exchange process
  • Exchange offline is troublesome
  • International transfer fee are expensive
  • Remittance status is difficult to track
Benefits of using Epay to remit
  • Real-time exchange rate
  • Remit online
  • Lower fee
  • Clear remittance status

When you plan to expand your global business

  • Unfamiliar with global payment
  • High exchange rate fluctuation risk
  • Long period of payment days
  • Customized needs are difficult to meet
Benefits of using Epay to collect money
  • Access global payment
  • Easy to manage
  • Withdraw anytime
  • Customized support
One-stop global payment solution
Cross-border payment
Support multiple currencies. One-stop wallet clearing.
Multi-currency exchange
No boundaries between Fiats/E-currency, feel free to exchange.
Global remittance
Qualified remittance agents all over the world.
Deposit & Withdrawal
Fast & easy
Manage your assets online
Gather the most popular E-currency payment methods
Epay payment gateway
Access API to your platform to integrate comprehensive service
Support multiple fiat currencies and E-currency. Remit and exchange currency online at any time and anywhere

In addition to mainstream fiats including USD, HKD, GBP, JPY, and EUR, we also support popular E-currency such as Perfect Money, Advcash, Fasapay, Payeer.

Easily make global remittance, currency exchange, online withdraw and deposit on Epay. Now let's see how much you can save by using the calculator on the right!

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Exchange Now

Free to deposit

Easily deposit by Wire Transfer with 0 fees

Latest exchange rate

Synchronize the latest exchange rate and no more hidden fees!

Global business

Covering more than 200 countries and regions

Receiving and paying without borders

The powerful Epay payment network allows you to easily handle the global payment and collection requirement. You can pay a bill to people from other countries or collect payments from foreign customers for your company.

If you need a more convenient, lower-cost and faster cross-border payment method than a bank, then you should not miss Epay.

Access Epay payment gateway
by a few lines of code

Still worrying about the payment for cross-border business? Immediately access Epay payment gateway interface to connect rich financial services! Your multi-currency payments, global settlements, currency exchange, and other needs can be solved by a few lines of code, allowing you to invest valuable time to further expand your business.

Want to know more about how we can improve your performance through customized solutions and rates?

API Gateway Demo
A better way of remittance
can be even mastered by hands