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First, A secure and ease payment processes could get a smooth online customer experience - one that is likely to drive retention and customer growth. Payments is important for an eCommerce business and the choice of the right payment gateway is significant to the success of the business. As there are numerous payment gateway options available, this article will tell you the key areas to consider when deciding which payment gateway to choose.

 There are eight main factors to take into account when considering a payment gateway:

 1)Payment Types

 There are a number of payment types that are now commonplace and that gateways process. Using credit card or debit card to purchase are still the most prevalent, however other options are now becoming popular.

 These include the likes of PayPal and Alipay where only the entry of a password is required to complete the transaction rather than the entry of billing, shipping and card details. Only the leading gateways provide these payment types as part of their solution. You can however integrate to them directly but at additional integration time and cost. Either way you do need to register a merchant account with them. It’s recommended that you offer such payment methods because you need to cater for consumer’s preferred way to pay.


Unfortunately, Online fraud is a growing issue that all eCommerce businesses suffer from. Fraudulent activity can be a significant cost and can also damage the brand and reputation of your business, so choosing a payment gateway that provides maximum security at a potentially higher cost can save your business money in the long run.

 3)Reliability, Scalability and Uptime

The payment process is crucial to your eCommerce business’ success. Your payment gateway provider should have proven reliability and availability in high-volume implementations to ensure constant uptime even in peak seasons and other high-traffic periods.

 4)Malicious refund

If you have Online shop, You should have suffered malicious refund when buyer paying with credit card.

How to avoid that?

1) Just keep on appealing and provide a screenshot of the tracking details and signature. Keep appealing, be patient, you can win this.

 2) adopt other payment without Credit Card Pay. 

What is Epay Payment Gateway?


 From now on, merchants who apply to access Epay payment gateway will also receive a free withdrawal amount of $5,000. After accessing the gateway and make withdrawals, the total withdrawal fee of the first $5,000 will be returned to the merchant's Epay account,making it easy for the merchants to receive money from customers all over the world.

*The advantages of Epay payment gateway*

Multi-currencies: Support mainstream fiat money, e-currency, and cryptocurrency

Easy to access: Convenient and powerful  API interface, making you to collect money efficiently

Favorable rates: Withdraw anytime and anywhere at a rate as low as 1%


*How to access Epay payment gateway*

API access: https://www.epay.com/en/apis.htm

Plugin access: Shopify / Woocommerce / WHMCS



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