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HongKong is famous for having no limits on the import or export of foreign currencies. No matter how much money you’d like to transfer to or from Hong Kong, there are plenty of convenient options. Our guide to money transfer and currency exchange in HongKong explains them all.


Hong Kong is among the world’s largest financial centers - maybe because it does not have any currency controls. Cash is not subject to the usual rules for Hong Kong imports. You can freely send money to and from Hong Kong, regardless of whether you’d like to transfer all your savings or to send small sums back home.


In this article, we’ll introduce all these options and give you some advice.


In time of modern technology, you can obviously choose among a number of online services to transfer money such TNG wallet, We remit and Alipay. All ot these is probably the best-known example. Normally people use such services to pay for online purchases, unaware that you can also employ them to transfer money at relatively competitive rates.


If you are looking for an online service and you want to get rid of high fees, I think Epay wallet is suitable for you. For example, If you want to send 2000 HKD to Ph, let’s see which one save more money!~

Obviously, Epay could save more money.

Both sender and recipient need a registered account, and the transfer may take within 2 hours. You don’t need to put money from your bank account into your online account but directly send money from one bank account to the other. Epay Remittance based in different local bank between two places, while you send money with a large or small amount, the fee is always 12 HKD!~


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