Choose Epay for the best way to send money from Australia to the Philippines in 2019





Except for the most well-known payment providers, I have recently found a new and economic way to send money from Australia to the Philippines, which is Epay payment.

Epay has accumulated rich experience in global money transfer. they know how to make every payment safe. Fast speed and low-cost international money transfer service are required by almost every remitters, Epay can definitely meet your demands on the speed and cost.

Let’s see why you will choose Epay for the best way to sending money from Australia to the Philippines. please see the remittance page.

To send 1000 AUD, the transaction fee is 3 AUD, and the exchange rate is 35.30, your family can receive 35203.51 PHP finally. and if you try to send 10,000 AUD or even 50,000 AUD, the total fee is still 3 AUD.

So, do you know why do Epay has the ability to make the fee far cheaper than banks and other online payment providers?

  1. Have cooperated remittance agents and banks in both Hong Kong and the Philippines. Which means all payment is transferred by local bank account.
  2. Two remittance agents involved in to deal with the funds, no third party to charge any fees.
  3. No hidden fees.


Other advantages of using Epay for remittance

  1. Capital security is guaranteed. Epay is a regular payment company with money service license in Hong Kong, USA, and other major financial regions. Your money is safe with them.
  2. Multiple remittance methods: Local bank remittance and Epay balance remittance can be both made on computer or APP.
  3. Transfer time is 1–2 times than others. Along with its advanced technology and local remittance resource all over the world, the money can be received within a few hours.

So if your current payment provider is expensive and you are looking for a different way, try Epay now!


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