During the COVID-19 pandemic, how can you send money back home safely when living abroad?





Since the end of last year, the COVID-19 has broken out in most parts of the world, bringing a huge impact on the economy of every country, causing many physical stores have closed down. Until now, Although the pandemic in many countries has been well controlled, there is still a risk of large-scale outbreaks at any time. For the safety of ourselves and others, we still need to avoid going to crowded places and remember to wear masks when going out.

However, if you still live and work in a foreign country, you will have to send money back to your family. Then, how is the safest way to send money?


Is the bank still the best and safest choice?

As the pandemic is still serious, many banks are facing closure issues. JPMorgan Chase & Co. said it will close 20% of its nearly 5,000 branches. and the bank has reduced its business hours. Capital One Financial Corp. (COF) closed about a quarter of its 461 branches, about half of which were in New York City, in order to “minimize the risks of COVID-19.”

On the one hand, due to the decrease of bank branches, you have to go to a branch far away from home to send money; on the other hand, you must have to stand in lines at physical locations to initiate a transfer, increasing the risk of disease transmission via respiratory droplets and contact with shared surfaces. Therefore, during the pandemic, banks are no longer the best choice.

COVID-19 has changed how people look at their payment options.

With COVID-19 currently causing the average consumer to balk at physical payment options such as cash and cards, online payment is the most ideal way now. A mobile phone or a computer is required only when making payments or money transfers online.

Epay, the best method for overseas money transfer during COVID-19

Established and headquartered in Hong Kong in 2014, Epay has branch offices in China, USA, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Samoa, and obtained Hong Kong financial services license, America money service license and PCI security certification. Over the years, Epay has provided a secure, fast, and low-cost payment method for a total of 1 million users worldwide.


Sending money with Epay, it requires a smartphone or a computer only, you can easily complete a global remittance without leaving the house. The entire process is completed online, which can well protect your safety.

Epay local bank transfer makes international remittance as easy as domestic money transfer. All operations are done through local bank accounts, which reduces foreign exchange loss and greatly reduces the time cost during cross-border remittance.

Epay supports multiple currencies, such as the five mainstream legal currencies, such as USD, HKD, EUR, GBP, JPY, as well as IDR,BDT, INR, NPR, NZD, PHP, SGD, LKR, THB and so on. Taking advantage of local banking channels, Epay provides you with the most favorable price and fastest speed for your international remittance journey.

In addition, if COVID-19 in the place where your payee is located has been well controlled, you can also use Epay’s cash pick-up service soon. The cash pick-up service was temporarily closed due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Now that it is well controlled, the function will soon be reopened. Its service scope covers more than 130 countries and regions, with pick -up locations in every corner of every city, which is very convenient.

Now, login to the official website of Epay (www.epay.com) to learn more about the supported currencies and fees~


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