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 AS a new user of Epay, what document we need to prepare before sending money to Australia?


1) A valid email address (*your login account)


2) Proof of address by a third-party authority (eg credit card bill with address, water bill, and electricity bill, etc.)


3) A clear pics of your own passport or ID card.


Where do we support to transfer money to Australia?

Transfer money From Charge (Per transaction)
Japan 800 JPY
Europe 7.5  EUR
Philippines 440 PHP
Hong Kong 55   HKD
America 7.5  USD
United Kingdom 7.5  AUD


Easy to use Remittance, just four steps!! for transfer money to Australia next time, you can remit money at one click without to re-fill the information.



[Step one] Download & Register:  Open the App Store, search for Epay Wallet, make sure to confirm the icon and name and click to download. Next, open the APP, fill out the basic information to register, and confirm. * recommender ID is optional

[Step two] Certification: Go through a simple identity authentication, and update identity documents, address documents.




[Step three] Remittance: Select HKD → AUD, fill out the remittance amount, click [Nest Step].





[Step four] Payment:  According to the order info, transfer money to the Epay local bank account. After you have uploaded payment voucher, your balance will be sent to payee's bank account within 2 hours.


How do we work?

EPAY global remittance network, based on 6,000 cooperative outlets all over the world, including parcel commercial banking institutions, large remittance companies. When Epay users create a remittance order, the local banks in both two places received the demand of EPAY users and send money to the payee. The transfer speed is within 2 hours. Compared to traditional remittance methods, EPAY is cheaper and faster more than they are.




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