Easy way to have a SEPA IBAN account online as a non-resident in 2020





Mr. Nguyen is from Vietnam and he is now working in France. With EpayEU IBAN and Epay Wallet, not only does Mr. Nguyen get his own European bank account for daily usage, but he can use Epay to send money back to his family in home country as well!

Do you want to open a EUR bank account but you are a non-resident or a foreigner? Open it in a bank takes a long time and the process is extremely complicated. and even some banks don’t provide bank account opening service for a non-resident.

In this post, I will guide you on how to have your own named SEPA IBAN account with Epay bank, professional online banking who provides EUR IBAN account opening service for both individual and cooperation in most countries.


An important concept while banking in Europe is the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). Doing transactions in the SEPA area countries is usually faster and cheaper than when sending or receiving money from countries outside SEPA.

Epay EU,the European subsidiary of Epay Group has obtained the E® trademark and the European EMI license. Epay EU enables you to get your very own dedicated SEPA IBAN, which allows you to receive or send out SEPA payment under your name! Getting your own SEPA IBAN Bank account has never been this easy!


1.International Incorporations

2.Exporters and Importers, especially entities engaged in both the activities

3.Forex Transfers

4.Individuals who get international Payments

5.NON — EU Nationalities Directors, Companies & Individuals

6.Companies with EU & NON-EU Directors


Here are the steps to have a SEPA IBAN account online.

1.Enter www.epaybank.eu to register Individual/Business IBAN Account.

2.Fill in the relevant information of the account opening.

3.Submit relevant compliance certification materials as required

4.Make mark ID(Face recognition)


Contact us to have your own named SEPA IBAN account online now!


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