Epay, a safer way to send money in the age of COVID-19 pandemic





Millions of people around the world rely on international remittances to support family members at home. As the world is impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to send and receive remittances the traditional way is severely hampered and carries unnecessary and unwanted risks.

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On the sending side, remitters traditionally have to stand in lines at physical locations to initiate a transfer, increasing the risk of disease transmission via respiratory droplets and contact with shared surfaces. This is compounded by the burden of inconvenience and the expense of time lost in waiting to initiate a transaction.

On the receiving side, the situation can be even more complicated, as physical cash-out locations are shut down or lack routine servicing. Even if working properly, traditional cash out to fiat currency carries risk of contact with individuals, surface viruses, and of course, the physical cash that may also be a vector for viral spread.


Therefore, send money online with Epay becomes necessary. It is not only faster and cheaper in many locations, but also smarter. You can finish a cross-border payment without leaving the house as long as you have a smartphone or laptop. The recipient can then receive the remittance into their local bank account. 

Epay has partnered with lots of popular lative banks around the world. It is the reason why Epay can make overseas money transfer cheaper and faster. Its service ranger now covers more than 100 countries, including  Australia, India,Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil,and most Latin American countries. 

Epay offers an instantaneous, cost-effective, and contactless way to send and receive remittances to and from your loved ones. Download Epay Wallet APP from APP store or GooglePlay.


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