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Surya is a Nepali who works in the United States. After working hard in the United States for a month, Surya wanted to send his salary to his family in Nepal. But Surya found that the bank he used could not provide him with this service, because the Nepalese rupee is an exotic currency and does not circulate like US dollars. Later, Surya found many ways to send money back to Nepal online and found that online payment platforms not only provide remittance services in various currencies, and the prices are very cheap.

Indeed, Nepalese rupee is an exotic currency within global markets, most banks won’t offer the option of sending Nepalese rupees overseas. And banks aren’t necessarily the cheapest option when it comes to international money transfers as they offer low exchange rates and charge high fees on transfers. 


A more cost-effective option is to use a specialist money transfer company that, rather than offering a diverse array of products and services, concentrates solely on moving money internationally. These companies typically offer better exchange rates, lower fees, and faster processing times.



Compared with other similar online payment institutions, Epay has absolute advantages in the exchange rate and fees.


Epay has reached cooperation with banks in various countries. Payments are conducted through local bank accounts in each country, which greatly saves the transfer cost in international money transfer.  It cost 3 USD only to send money to Nepal with USD. 


How to send money to Nepal with Epay

1. Register and verify Eay account

2. Deposit USD to Epay Wallet

3. Withdraw NPR

4. Waiting for payment to arrive


The advantages of sending money with Epay

1. Online operation, convenient and fast.

The traditional way is necessary to go to the offline store to queue up, and it also needs various procedures, which often takes a lot of time, but Epay does abandon all the complicated process. Only one mobile phone can complete all operations. You can enjoy the experience to send money home without going out.

2. Fast and low price

The initial intention of Epay is to create a fast and low-cost remittance platform for senders. With 6 years of international payment experience, we are aware of the high costs and long transfer time issues in cross-border money transfer. By our own advantages and bank partnerships, our prices and speed can well meet the needs of remitters.

3. Safe and transparent remittance process

Epay has obtained Hong Kong Money Service Licence and a US MSB Financial Services Licence to ensure that each transaction is legal and compliant. In the remittance process, users can see the remittance progress in real-time, accurately grasp the actual situation of the funds.

4. Caring service

Epay offers 7*24 online customer service and teaches users to complete the remittance operation. step by step. What else do you need to worry about? Download Epay APP and start a good remittance trip now!


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