Epay supports Nigerian Naira(NGN) now, what can you do?





With the development and improvement of Epay global remittance network, more and more local currency has been added to it. Such as HKD, EUR, AUD, JPY, SGD, RUB, NPR, VND and so on.

and now, the Nigerian currency, Naira has joined now. So, what can you do?



1.Deposit 5 mainstream currencies with NGN by local currency deposit

Local currency deposit is actually a currency exchange converter. Users in different countries can deposit USD, EUR, HKD, GBP and JPY with their local currency. The local currencies supported now are AUD, EUR, HKD, JPY, PHP, SGD, USD, and the newest NGN.

Next, follow me to know how to deposit USD with NGN. As you can see from the picture below. After logging in Epay account, select deposit currency, which is USD, and then chooses local currency as the deposit method, NGN is the payment currency.


The payment currency is Naira, and USD is the deposit currency, actually, you are exchanging NGN to USD via Epay. By local currency deposit, you can realize the purpose to exchange NGN to USD fastly. Because the NGN transfer is completed via local banks, the funds can be received fastly, and you know that? Deposit is totally free. and the exchange rate is the mid-market real-time rate. no any hidden fees.

2. By Epay global remittance network, remit NGN to everywhere in the world.

Epay global remittance network is a fast and cheap remittance channel building by Epay with local banks and qualified remittance agents. The addition of Nigerian Naira means that you can remit NGN to home now if you are working in Nigeria.

The operation step is relatively simple. Enter to remittance page by clicking global remit, click bank remittance and choose NGN as the remittance currency, then follow the steps to enter the amount the receiving currency.

Currently, the receiving currencies include AUD, EUR, HKD, JPY, NPR, PHP, and USD. The biggest advantages of the Epay global remittance are cheap and fast, the fee of every remittance route is much cheaper than banks and other online payment providers.

Since its establishment, Epay has been adhering to the concept of safe, fast and cheap payment and remittance. We are committed to helping more workers who work overseas to send their wages home quickly and safely! Sign in to Epay now and feel the easy and safe remittance service!


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