Why using USDT to collect money could bring more orders?

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Recently, Easy Pay Payment (EPAY) has added USDT Gateway collection into Epay payment gateway, which means that merchants can use the stable currency and cryptocurrency to collect money,  brings more convenience to merchants with these needs-- - The merchant no longer needs to connect to alternative payment gateways. Using Epay Payment is enough for you.

Our customers come from all over the world. Do they use cryptocurrencies to pay?

Stable coin payments is more potential than traditional payments. According to a survey by CLOVE, a blockchain research company called “Sending Money to Home”, 15.8% of the 707 respondents used cryptocurrencies to send money home. This has made it become one of the more popular methods, ranking fourth after using online services, money transfer services or traditional wire transfer services. Accounting for 15.8% of total cross-border remittances.


With such a large percentage, if your customers are from all over the world, then USDT payments will definitely bring you more extra orders.

If my client is already using other e-wallets to collect money, will accessing the EasyPac will affect the user experience?

Not of course, EasyPay Payment Gateway not only supports  15 pop fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, but also other e-wallets to pay such as PM, Advcash, Fasapay, Payeer, and other popular e-wallets.

Compared with other traditional payment gateways, stable currency gateway payments are cheaper and faster.

Which platforms have integrated Epay payment gateway to collect money, where can I see the demo?
At present, EPAY has helped many platforms to realize USDT collection, such as the large e-commerce platform Angel, and various self-built platforms like Shopify and Wocommerc.
Gateway Demo: https://www.epay.com/en/gateway_payment.htm


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