How Epay helps merchants realize multi-currency pay-out

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In addition to providing online money transfer services to global users, Epay can also help merchants to pay out different currencies to their users in a different country.  For example, the popular live-streaming platforms nowadays have anchors from all over the world, some of them are from Ukraine, some are from Vietnam, and some are from India. how can the platform distribute the benefits to their bank account in a way?

You can easily understand how Epay helps these platforms pay-out multi-currency through the picture below.

Currently, payout currency including Singapore dollar, Indonesian rupiah, Indian rupee, Malaysian ringgit, Nepalese rupee, US dollar, Russian ruble, etc.


There are 2 ways to payout foreign currency:

1.API mode. This is suitable for online merchants. Epay can customize the payout interface for them according to their requirements. and multiple currencies are supported. Merchants only need to deposit US dollars to their Epay account, their users can get the earnings in their local bank account.

2.Manual mode. If you are not an online merchant, you can use manual mode. Like the API model, the merchant must have sufficient balance in the Epay wallet. The difference is that in manual mode, each user of the merchant must register an Epay account. When the user needs to be paid, the merchant first transfers money to the user's Epay wallet, and users withdraw the money to their bank account from the Epay wallet.

In addition to live-streaming platforms, game platforms, online earning platforms, online dating platforms, online education platforms, and remittance companies are also applicable to Epay foreign currency payout. For example,  online education institutions, their foreign teachers may come from the United States, Singapore, Russia, etc., then the salaries can be sent to their bank accounts through Epay this way.

At present, Epay is speeding up its expansion of the payout currency, and as everyone expects, The RMB C2C payout service will be officially launched next month. If you need it, please contact us through Epay official website.


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