How to choose the right payment gateway

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If you have experience in opening an online shop, a suitable payment gateway is important for your business cos It’s associated with your profits.

So, how to choose the payment gateway that suits you, I think that you can choose the ideal payment gateway with two aspects.

1) What kind of products you sell? is Physical goods or virtual goods?

If your store is an online or offline store,you should try to cooperate with a large gateway vendor to curry your business such as Epay, Pay Pal. You may have a hitch of malicious refund order when your customer is purchasing virtual items, then Epay is suitable for you.

What is the main difference between Epay Pay and other Payment Gateway?


a. Ultra-low rate!!! less than 1%!!!. If you are a Shopify shop owner and collect money with Epay,  you can withdraw with you preferred currency anytime anywhere via Epay account.

b. without malicious refund order.

c. Epay carry 20 kind Fiat currencies covering over 20 countries and region, like USD, HKD, RUB, etc. 

d. Paying with e-currency!!!. if your customer has Perfect Money wallet, he could pay directly with PM USD.

e. paying with cryptocurrency!!! Epay Pay gateway carries 9 mainstream cryptocurrencies including 3 stable coins, USDT, PAX, EUSD!! 


a. without separate operation backstage for the merchant. The transaction will be recorded on the Epay account and you can view the orders through optional filters.

b. Credit card payment is unavailable.


2)Which area is your customer mainly located in?

If your business is for one or two major countries and regions, then you need to support all payment methods of these place. Choose a good gateway which supports all is beneficial for your business!! 



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