Pop remittance methods for sending money to Philippines, which is the cheapest?





In Hong Kong, thousands of Hong Kong Filipino maids send money to the Philippines every year. Filipino maids seem like a  business card for laborers in the Philippines. 

How much GDP does the Filipino maid contribute to the Philippines each year?

The Philippines began exporting labor overseas since the late 1970s. Currently, more than 10 million people work overseas, among them have about 3 million of them are Filipino maids. They input nearly $30 billion annually, which is accounting for 12% of GDP.

Among them, the 210,000 Filipino maids in Hong Kong, how did they send money back home? and which is the best choice?

HongKong local exchanger

This exchanger is located in all corners of Hong Kong, providing cash and bank card transfer.
1) Safe and reliable, with legal redemption business license in Hong Kong
2) Offer Cash and bank transfer
1) without a good exchange rate
2) High fees

TNG is a very popular e-wallet in Hong Kong, support 16 countries to remittance.
1) A comprehensive e-wallet that can chat, repay, pay for water and electricity, global transfers, and more.
2) Support cross-border remittances in 17 countries, with more offline outlets
1) Only Hong Kong numbers are available to log in

1) The charge is only HKD 12 (unlimited amount)
2) A variety of remittance methods, in addition to bank remittance, you can also use other e-wallet currency to send money to friends, such as Perfect Money, Advcash and other e-wallets
3) Transfer speed: within 2 hours
4) Have a legal financial license
5) Minimum remittance amount is 100 HKD

1) Cash pack Pick-up is unavailable.


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