Reduce 95%! The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount of HKD and EUR has been greatly reduced.

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0 always listens carefully to customers. Every time a user wants to pay-in or pay-out Hong Kong dollars or Euros, they find that the minimum amount is large. Combined with the feedback suggestions of users, the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount of Hong Kong dollars and Euros has been greatly reduced. significantly. the minimum deposit amount starts from 1000 euro and 3000 hkd.


Way to deposit

Login Click the “Wallet” from the menu on the left and enter the “deposit” page. then choose HKD or EUR as the payment currency. and pay according to the direction.

What are the benefits of the low deposit amount?

The lower minimum deposit and withdrawal amount bring Epay users more possibilities to control their funds freely.


Individual remittance and currency exchange are easier — — a small number of funds are accepted for overseas money transfer too. Epay global remittance function saves more transfer fees generated from intermedia bank.


Easier to control your funds — Pay-in and pay-out any time you want, and do not need to worry about limitation.


More convenient to exchange E-currency and cryptocurrency — — a small number of funds have better liquidity. it is more convenient for you to buy E-currency and Cryptocurrency on Epay platform.


Possible for merchants to receive a small number of funds from customers — thousands of merchants can benefit from a low deposit amount.

Epay has recently strengthened cooperation with banks around the world, constantly expanding overseas markets to improve the global remittance network, and currently supports more than 70 currencies worldwide, covering more than 100 countries and regions. We can not only meet the needs of enterprises with large amounts of demand but also meet the personal needs of small remittances and payments, making cross-border remittances fast, cheap, and safe.


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