Send money from Hong Kong to the Philippines, Why do you want to choose Epay?





Recently, the payment company Epay has opened the remittance route from Hong Kong to the Philippines, which has attracted lots of attention from 21,000 OFWs in Hong Kong because of its 0 fees. So, in this article, please follow me to dig out whether Epay is worth to be your new choice to send money home.

Before making a decision to choose a payment provider, except for considering the remittance fee, exchange rate, and speed, it is more important to pay attention to the company itself. A company’s background and qualifications are an important part to judge whether your funds are safe with them.

Epay is a professional and secure payment company with money service licenses that you can trust with.

Dedicated to doing international payments in the past 5 years. Epay has accumulated rich experience in how to make every payment safe. After obtaining “License For Operating Money Service” in 2014 in Hong Kong. Epay achieved the USA MSB payment and exchange registration on 15th Feb 2019. You can check the licenses on its website. You can rest assure that it is a legal and compliant company, so you can start to know other aspects of it.

Let’s talk about its fee first. From its Facebook page, we know that it is free to send money from Hong Kong to the Philippines now. and you can even get $10 reward if you invite a friend to remit, if you invite 50 friends, you can get $ 500. But it is not always free. While it is still much cheaper than other payment providers. No matter how much HKD to remit to the Philippines, it always charges 12 HKD fees. If you use WorldRemit, Transferwise or even Alipay HK, you can never get such a low fee. 

And someone may doubt that since the fees are so cheap, it must have a terrible exchange rate. It is definitely not! Just look at a simple comparison with Transferwise below.


To send 1000 HKD, Transferwise charges 470.5 HKD! and the exchange is 6.67. while Epay charges 12 HKD only and has the same exchange rate as Transferwise. 

Last, about the speed. Epay promises that they can make the funds arrive within hours or 1 day because they have cooperative banks and remittance agents in both Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Conclusion: Along with Epay’s advantage in security, fees, exchange rate, and transfer speed, all of them could be the reasons you choose Epay for remittance!



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