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If you have your own company in Japan or have business with Japanese companies, you must have accumulated a lot of Japanese yen in hand, and you need to send it back to your own country. Or, you are working in Japan to support your family, you need to send it back to your family every month, then you must want to know an economical way to remit or exchange Japanese Yen because the handling fee for remittance through the bank is ridiculously expensive. 

Regular bank transfers from Japan: Costly and complicated

Japan is renowned for its stable banking system, but that’s because the banks haven’t changed the way they do business in 20 years. A simple international transfer at legacy banks like SMBC, MUFG or Mizuho will typically involve you filling out an overly detailed form at the branch, getting charged up to 4,000 yen just for the transfer, and then getting shafted with horrible exchange rates. Unless you’re set on being a martyr to the Japanese banking system, our advice is to avoid this option.

Is there any way that is fast and cheap?

Of course. Epay: Economical and easy

Epay accepts Japanese Yen pay-in. Whether you need to convert Japanese Yen into your local currency or transfer it to your family, you can do it at Epay.

Users can deposit Japanese yen to Epay Wallet via international wire transfer. Epay Wallet is a multi-functional electronic wallet. You can exchange currency online; withdraw funds to your bank accounts in different countries through local banks, or send money to customers, relatives, and friends. Epay provides real-time mid-market exchange rates and ultra-low fees, which is 1/2 cheaper than the bank.

How to send money through Epay

First, you need to download Epay Wallet APP or access to Epay official website. and take 1-2 minutes to register an Epay account.  For security and compliance requirements, you need to upload ID information and proof of address to verify your Epay account.

After the account is verified successfully, you can start any transaction. The process to deposit the Japanese Yen is as below.

Log in to the Epay account→click Wallet→Enter the deposit page. 

If both the deposit and payment currency are JPY, the payment will be made through Wire Transfer. When the money arrives at Epay. you will have Japanese Yen in your Epay account. But if the deposit currency is USD, GBP, HKD, or EUR, and JPY is still a payment currency, the payment will be made through the local bank account, which is much faster than Wire Transfer. and your Epay wallet balance will display the relevant deposit currency.

All in all, Epay, a multi-functional payment platform that meets all your needs for currency exchange and money transfer. It supports a wealth of local currencies, with more than 600 cooperative banks, and more than 180,000 collections. Both online and offline payment methods give users the greatest convenience.


Download the epay wallet app or log in to to complete currency transactions easily!


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