【Send money from the USA to Brazil】For Brazilians who work, travel or study in the USA





Good news for the Brazilians to send money from the USA to Brazil. It is out of fashion if you are still using traditional bank remittances, Now,  here comes Epay remittance network, a cross-border remittance method for people who work abroad, studying abroad and traveling abroad. Easily for you to solve cross-border remittance troubles!



Remittances using traditional banking methods range from 3-7 working days, and the fee sometimes reaches as much as tens of dollars! But Epay changed this model,  completely broke the traditional way of sending money abroad.


  1. Online operation, convenient and fast.

The traditional way is necessary to go to the offline store to queue up, and it also needs various procedures, which often takes a lot of time, but Epay does abandon all the complicated process. Only one mobile phone can complete all operations. You can enjoy the experience to send money home without going out.


  1. The handling fee is low.

 Applying the newest blockchain technology to the global remittance network. the cost of sending money abroad is greatly reduced. At the same time,  by cooperating with local banks and qualified remittances, all transfers are made through local banks. The remittance fee from the United States to Brazil costs only $3.


  1. Funds can be reached in a few hours.

Blockchain technology not only reduces the cost of the transfer but also accelerates the process of capital transactions and circulation. All payments can be made within a few hours.


  1. Safe and transparent remittance process

Epay has obtained Hong Kong Money Service Licence and a US MSB Financial Services Licence to ensure that each transaction is legal and compliant. In the remittance process, users can see the remittance progress in real-time, accurately grasp the actual situation of the funds.


  1. Caring service

Epay offers 7*24 online customer service, and teaches users to complete the remittance operation. step by step. What else do you need to worry about? Download Epay APP and start a good remittance trip now!


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