Send money to india in 2020, Epay provides you a best way.





If you have a business in India and you regularly transfer money there, you already know that some money transfer services offer better conditions than others.

However, finding secure, reliable, and affordable methods to send money to India can cost you a lot of time and money.


A good money transfer service should meet three requirements at the same time, which has a competitive exchange rate, fast transfer time, and low transfer fees. If you can’t find one that can meet the 3 requirements please choose the most favorable one and the one suits you best.



Epay has established partnerships with all major banks in India to provide users with the best exchange rate and fastest speed. Cooperative banks include state bank of India, ICICI bank limited, RESERVE BANK OF INDIA,and more than 60 others most used banks.


Compared with traditional payment methods, Epay is more favorable and convenient. Do you still remember the terrible experience to fill out lots of complicated forms at the bank when sending money abroad?



What currencies are supported to be sent to India on Epay?

Currently, Epay supports send US dollars to India Rupees directly. But you can deposit USD to Epay wallet paying by various currencies. Such a EUR, HKD, AUD, BRL, INR, COP, MXN, CLP, PEN, and KRW.


How long and how much does it take to send money to India?

It takes a few minutes only if you send money to India with Epay. The fee is even much lower than banks, you know that banks always charges a +high fee because there is always a hidden fee inside. Epay charges 5 dollars every transaction.


Epay, Secure and compliance, has rich experience in overseas payment

Epay has more than 6 years of experience in the international payment industry. We have the support of a powerful platform to help more than millions of customers to conduct online transactions more safely every m Last, about the speed, same-day delivery is possible with online money transfer, but banks always take 3–7 working days.


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