The best way to send money online to the Philippines from Australia in 2019





Currently, Filipinos are the third-largest Asian Australian immigrant group behind Indian Australians and Chinese Australians. According to the 2016 census, there are over 232,386 Filipino Australians. 

So, there are hundreds of thousands of Filipinos have a demand to send money back to the Philippines. and there are lots of transfer companies which only specialize in sending money overseas, but do you know why they trust Epay for sending money from Australia to the Philippines? 

Because you can send for free and get ₱35.00 per dollar on your first transaction. 


Save on fees   To send 100 AUD, 1,000 AUD or 10,000 AUD, the transaction is always 3 AUD. If you use WorldRemit or Transferwise, you can never get such a low fee. If you don’t believe it, see the picture below.

This is the price of Worldremit. It takes about 9 AUD to send 1000 AUD. and if you send 10,000, it cost 149 AUD!

and this is the price of Transferwise. It is more ridiculous, send 1000 AUD to the Philippines costs 17.46 fees!



Great Philippine Peso exchange rates  Epay provides lower fees and competitive exchange rate as you can see in the above pictures. A high exchange rate saves lots of money for you in international money transfer process. Sometimes you should pay more attention to it than the fees.

On time  Epay promises that they can make the funds arrive within hours or 1 day because they have cooperative banks and remittance agents in both Australia and the Philippines. 

So, I definitely think that Epay is the best way to send money online to send money from Australia to the Philippines. No matter in the aspect of the transaction fee, exchange rate or the transfer speed. It is worthy to try it now!


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