More and more financial services are popping up everywhere. But especially when it comes to sending money abroad, It is important to use a service that you can trust. We will show you the five best institutions and services for your international money transfer.


It’s very cheap and simple to send money from Hong Kong, so for example, sending money from Hong Kong to Philippine, Singapore, or Australia. For this, financial services like Epay, Transferwise are cheaper and fast.


In this article, I am telling you of my own experiences with sending money from Hong kong to Australia based on my experiences.



for the fastest money transfer

There are also financial services which you can use to make bank transfers all over the world. People only use these services, if things are urgent. For example, if the money needs to arrive instantly. This is also an expensive way to send money abroad from Hong Kong.

If you want to transfer money very quickly, then go for Western Union. 

The main advantages:

  1. Availability! It has branches all over the world. Really. Everywhere. You find several pick-up points in big cities like Berlin, London, Paris, Moscow, Munich, etc, etc. But you also find branches in small towns and remote areas in Africa or South America.
  2. Speed! The money arrives with the recipient within 10 minutes. Indeed. It is there almost instantly. Of course, this means that the service is more expensive than slower ways of transferring money. So if you want speed – go for Western Union.
  3. Trust! Western Union has existed for decades. Everyone knows it. You can trust it. If something goes wrong, you have customer service all over the world. So no worries.

When is it good?

  • you need the fastest bank transfer
  • you don’t care about the costs to send money abroad
  • you don’t have a SWIFT or IBAN code

How much does it cost?

It’s the most expensive version. This service will take 5-10% of your transferred sum as commission.

How fast is it?

Apparently, they get the money transferred within 10 minutes. Again, however, the fees are immensely high, so this option should only be considered if you are under intense time constraints.

How does it work?

Using the services of a non-banking provider such as a money transfer company means that they use its internal transaction system to transfer your funds; however, you must provide a valid ID and the recipient will be asked to provide a valid ID as well.


to send money safely and quickly

If Western Union costs too much and you are looking for a cheaper and quickly transfer service, Epay may be an optimal option for you.

For example, Epay has a verity legal financial license, which is original in Hong Kong in 2014. For one who sent money from Hong Kong, Epay absolutely offers the most cheaper price. 

How does Epay work?

How to send money if I am a new user?

  • Register and login.
  • Prepare document for personal verification comparing 1) a clear photo of your ID card or passport 2) An official document that states your name and address, like water bill, etc.
  • After verification, you can start transfer money with Epay, of course, make sure you got the recipient’s info, such as account number, holder name, and swift code.

Why Epay is a secure payment provider?

It based on Epay legal financial license showed on official website.

500 000 active users' trust.


to send money from Hong Kong

It has become very easy to transfer money in Hong Kong.

When should I use a normal bank transfer?

  • for bank transfers within Hong Kong
  • when the recipient has the same currency


When should I use a normal bank transfer?

  • for bank transfers within the European Union
  • when the recipient has the same currency

How long does it take?

Usually, it takes one to two working days to transfer money from one bank account to another.

How much does it cost?

If you transfer money from Hong Kong to another country like Philippine, you may be charged a litter high for the transfer and it may take a little longer.


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