The cheapest way to send money from Australia to the Philippines 2019





Working in Australia and want to send money home to support your family, or live in Australia as a Filipino Australians, and want to express your love to your relatives in the Philippines, you will need a cheap and fast way to send money.

Here I recommend you the cheapest way — Epay payment.

Dedicated to doing international payments in the past 5 years. Epay has accumulated rich experience in how to make every payment safe. After obtaining “License For Operating Money Service” in 2014 in Hong Kong. Epay achieved the USA MSB payment and exchange registration on 15th Feb 2019. You can check the licenses on its website. You can rest assure that it is a legal and compliant company, so you can start to know other aspects of it.

Let’s talk about its fee that you care most. Currently, Epay is the cheapest way I’ve found. No matter how much AUD you send, it always charges 3 AUD only. I tried Transferwise before, to send 1000 AUD to the Philippines takes 17.65 AUD!

Below is the remittance page of Epay. you can clearly see the fee and exchange rate.

Actually, the fee is no the most important but the exchange rate. And someone may doubt that since the fees are so cheap, it must have a terrible exchange rate. It is definitely not! Just look at a simple comparison with Transferwise and Worldremit below.

As you can see, Epay has advantages in both the exchange rate and fee, so your family can receive more.

You can try more online payment providers, but I bet you will choose Epay eventually.


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