The latest guideline for sending Dirham abroad

The UAE has always been a top remittance flow-out country. Every year there are countless people from all over the world who go to work in the UAE. Among them, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines have the largest populations. In 2018, foreign residents in the UAE sent more than 39.9 billion dirhams to their home countries, and the demand for dirhams remittances is still increasing.


UAE bank transfers take about 2-3 working days. Although bank transfers are safe and reliable, the cost is relatively high, and the bank's foreign exchange is more than 400 dirhams compared to the mid-market exchange rate. Of course, there are also exchanges everywhere in the UAE. These exchanges provide dirham payment and exchange methods. Although these exchanges seem to be cheap, there are actually many hidden consumptions.

In the field of cross-border remittances driven by the development of the Internet and financial technology, online remittance methods have occupied most of the remittance market. There are many advantages of online remittance:

 1.The operation process is simple and can be done at home using a smartphone or computer

 2.Remittance progress can be checked at any time

 3.Fees and exchange rates are very competitive

 4.Under the COVID-19 pandemic, online remittance is safer

Epay (, as a global payment platform, supports sending Dirham to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. The safety factor of Epay is the same as that of a bank. Before making a remittance, Epay will perform simple and strict authentication for each user, one is to meet compliance requirements, and the other is to protect the user's account security.

The popular remittance-receiving countries India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and the United States are all covered by Epay’s services, and currencies of more than 20 countries including RMB, Brazilian Real, and Colombian Peso are supported too.

Epay has reached cooperation with local banks all over the world. The payment does not need to be handled by a third-party bank,  the speed is becoming faster and the cost is greatly reduced.

Online money transfer now is much better than traditional bank transfer. It is mainly because online money transfer is superior in speed, transfer fee, and security.


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