The reason why Epay becomes your top choice to send money from Hong Kong to the Philippines





Send money to the family every month is a must for every OFWs in Hong Kong. This is the reason why 21,000 Philippines leave 1300 km away from their home to work. And just because of it, there are many online payment providers have emerged to provides remittance service to these workers.

Except for the most well-known payment providers, I have recently found a new and economic way to send money from Hong Kong to the Philippines, which is Epay payment.

Epay has accumulated rich experience in global money transfer. they know how to make every payment safe. Fast speed and low-cost international money transfer service are required by almost every remitters, Epay can definitely meet your demands on the speed and cost.

Let’s see why you can choose Epay for sending money to the Philippines. First, please see the remittance page.



To send 1000 HKD, the transaction fee is 12 HKD, and the exchange rate is 6.657, your family can receive 6577.61 PHP finally. and if you try to send 10,000 HKD or even 50,000 HKD, the total fee is still 12 HKD.

Because it has cooperative remittance agents and local bank accounts in each country, the funds can be received within hours to 1 day.

Next, you can compare it with other famous platforms.

1. WorldRemit.30 HKD will be charged to send 1,000 HKD. and the exchange rate is even lower than Epay.


2.Transferwise. Transferwise is even more expensive than WorldRemit.47.05 HKD will cost! and there is no advantage in exchange rate compare to Epay.


3. OFX. Look at the worst exchange rate, much more lower than others. Your family can only receive 6287.5 PHP at last. It is obviously not wise to choose OFX to remit.



So, to summarize, Epay can definitely become your top choice to send money from Hong Kong to the Philippines. No matter in the aspect of the transaction fee, exchange rate or the transfer speed. It is worthy to try it now!


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