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With the development of economic globalization, e-commerce has been expanding globally, and cross-border payment methods are playing a key role in the development of it.

When choosing a payment method, cross-border merchants should consider the refund risk issue except for different currencies, different payment methods and exchange rates. Just like Paypal, a very popular payment method for cross-border e-commerce, but there are countless losses caused by customers’ malicious refunds.

Now, all these problems are not a problem. Accessing the Epay Payment Gateway can easily solve the global payment problem, and effectively protect the interests of the merchants, no refund issue will happen anymore.

1 API = Multiple payment methods, to collect global payment easily

Epay payment gateway integrates four major e-currency payment methods, which are Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer, and Fasapay so that the payment can be easily completed by a webpage jump. At the same time, users can also log in to the Epay account to pay with the balance. And when the balance is insufficient, there is also a local currency payment function to solve your problems.

Support multi-national currency, a one-stop solution platform for payment, collection, exchange, and remittance

 Epay provides global merchants with large and small cross-border multi-currency collection services. The payment gateway supports five major legal currencies, including USD, GBP, HKD, JPY, and EUR. Users can also pay in local currencies such as AUD and SGD. Merchants can exchange or withdraw money at any time in Epay. one platform can meet all the needs of merchants for fund management.

Refuse malicious refunds and protect merchant’s interests


Most e-commerce providers will encounter malicious refunds from users when using Paypal for collection. This is because PayPal pays directly to the seller’s PayPal account without the guarantee of a third-party. Moreover, PayPal has a lot of risk control factors, and merchants often suffer from losses because they do not understand the principles.

Epay payment gateway, the integrated payment methods, not only protects buyers’ funds but also effectively protects merchants’ interests and avoids losses caused by malicious refunds from users. Before becoming a cooperative gateway merchant of Epay, we will have a strict application process to fully ensure their legal compliance. Users who use Epay balance to pay will also undergo strict KYC verification, so the interests of both buyers and sellers will be effectively protected.

At present, there are more than 100 merchants have accessed to Epay payment gateway, including the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Okcoin, BitAssets, etc., as well as the labor dispatch company Cardangel and other e-commerce platforms. With the continuous development of e-commerce and online payment methods, Epay payment gateway can help you expand your global business, improve the order conversion rate.

*How to access Epay payment gateway*

API access:

Plugin access: Shopify / Woocommerce / WHMCS


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