What Is The Best Way To Send Money From India To Usa?





Quite often, people move to a developed country for the dollar figure. Due to the exchange rate difference, it makes sense to earn good money overseas and send a portion of it to pay off debts or help parents/siblings back home.


However, sometimes the process goes the other way round i.e. you need to send money from India to overseas. For example, you might need funds to finance a new business or to buy a piece of land or to build a house.

Unfortunately, when you want to send money from India to abroad, the rules are not as straightforward as they are the other way around.

First, you have to deal with different types of bank accounts you may need to open as an NRI. Secondly, the process to send money abroad has become more complicated, thanks to the changes in the taxation and FEMA rules to curb the black money. Frequent changes to the banking regulations by RBI only add to the confusion. No wonder people who want to send money from India to Australia are fraught with so many questions.

So, the popular and reliable way nowadays to send money with Indian rupee is to use a third-party transfer service. 

Epay focuses on international money transfer services, whose service range covers all over the world. It allows you to send money with INR to many other currencies like USD, AUD, IDR,BDT, INR, NPR, NZD, PHP, SGD, LKR, THB, TRY, KRW, JPY, MYR, BRL, EUR, and HKD. So transfer money from India to USA becomes eaiser and cheaper.

Not like to send money at banks. Epay provides you the online remittance service to you. Epay provides a real-time exchange rate on the market. and the transfer fee is much cheaper than banks and other similar platforms.

To send money from India to USA with Epay, you can

1.Get the best exchange rate and transfer fee

2.Avoid hidden fee

3.Receive money on the same day is possible

Since its establishment, Epay has been adhering to the concept of safe, fast and cheap payment and remittance. and it committed to helping more workers who work overseas to send their wages home quickly and safely!


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