What should you know when sending money to Egypt?





Several Egyptians who live outside of the country as well as residents of other nations end up sending money to Egypt for different reasons. A common thread that connects most of these people is the need to look for a suitable service provider that can send money to Egypt in a quick and cost-effective manner. Fortunately, there are several good overseas money transfer companies that facilitate cross-border money transfers to and from Egypt.

Not all overseas money transfer companies work in the same way, which is why you need to look for one according to your individual requirements.

How to Compare Companies When Sending Money to Egypt?

While companies that let you send money to Egypt may function differently, aspects that require your consideration when running a comparison remain the same.

- Cost. The cost of sending money to Egypt depends on two factors — exchange rates and fees. Since both tend to vary from one company to the next, an easy way to find the most cost-effective alternative is to compare how much money will get to the recipient at the end of the transfer.

- Turnaround time. Traditionally, Wire transfer to Egypt may take two to six working days. But some online money transfer companies make it in minutes. But This depends on the company you choose, the recipient’s bank, as well as where you live.

- Customer support. If you plan to send money to Egypt from time to time, look for a company that provides good customer service because you never know when you might need some assistance.

- Why do I recommend Epay, an overseas online payment company?

If you pick a money transfer company that strictly follows the 3 key points above, you will find that Epay is the best way to send money to Egypt.

Epay.com provides the best exchange rate and fees comparing all other same type companies such as OFX, Transferwise, and Worldremit. Sending below 1000 USD to Egypt takes 10$ only. If the amount is within 1001–3000 dollars, the transfer fee takes $12. and the exchange rate is the most competitive.

It is surprising when talking about turnaround time. You will never expect that an overseas payment can be made within minutes. Yes, sending money to Egypt on the Epay platform takes minutes only, making the cross-border remittance as fast as domestic wires.

The Epay customer team is always online to provide assistance. From the beginning to the end. If you want to ask how to send a payment, they will teach you step by step. If you want to check the fund status, they will inform you from time to time. All in all, they are always there for you if you have any questions.


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