Why has Epay payment gateway multiple collecting channels?

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If you have an online shop based within Shopify, you should be very clear about the sales funnel principle as you want to have more order, so that you can clearly define the customer's needs and optimize the page and product according to the user's click behavior.
whatever kind of the sales funnel models, the most important key is purchase. In this process, the payment gateway is a key role.
Let me talk to you about the types of gateway that Shopify supports at the moment.
1) Shopify itself payment gateway, [Shopify Payment], which carry three major credit cards to pay like, Visa, Master, American Express, and other e-wallets Integrated payment such as Apple pay, Google pay, etc.
2)Third-party providers: If you don't want to use Shopify own payment channel, you can choose from more than 100 credit card payment providers for you collecting requirement in this option.
3)Allternative payment methods:this item is specifically for other payment channels, such as cryptocurrency.
4)[Manual payment methods]手动支付方式:
Some customers don't want to pay for their orders using a credit card. These customers can still place their orders online if you set up a  manual payment method. When your customers use a manual payment method, you can arrange to receive their payment outside your online checkout. After you receive the payment, you can then manually approve the order. 
The above is the classification of the three Shopify payment gateways. as I know, if you want to collect money through Crypto and Fiat there is a useful gateway Epay Pay may suitable for you!!


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