Working in Japan, what is the economical way to send money for a family in Vietnam?





If you are a Vietnam migrant worker working in Japan and need to send your salaries home monthly, then you must eager to know a convenient and cheap method. You must have heard of Western Union, Brastel Remit, etc. but the best and the cheapest is Epay. It is 4–8 times cheaper and uses the exact exchange rate, unlike other services. Plus, you can do everything online!

Bank transfers from JapanCostly and complicated

Japan is renowned for its stable banking system, but that’s because the banks haven’t changed the way they do business in 20 years. A simple international transfer at legacy banks like SMBC, MUFG or Mizuho will typically involve you filling out an overly detailed form at the branch, getting charged up to 4,000 yen just for the transfer, and then getting shafted with horrible exchange rates. Unless you’re set on being a martyr to the Japanese banking system, my advice is to avoid this option.

Epay: Economical and easy

How to use Epay

First, you just need to take 1–2 minutes to register for an Epay account. Considering the security and legal requirements, KYC authentication is required for the first remittance. and after completing the account verification, you can go to the global remittance page to make remittances.


Putting in the amount that you want to send (in either the payment currency or target currency), then you enter both your and receiver’s bank account information.

How long does Epay take?

Because Epay has remittance agents or local bank accounts in both Japan and Vietnam, the money transfer time cost within hours or 1 day.

How much does Epay cost?

Except for the best exchange rate, Epay also provides a favorable fee.

Look at the picture above, the JPY/VND exchange rate is 214.7. To remit 20,000 JPY to VDN cost 640 JPY. So the rate is 3.2%. Much lower than banks and other money transfer service.

So, if you are still looking for a quick and easy way to send money from Japan to Vietnam, download the Epay APP now!


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