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Cashback on CNY Settlement

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How to Get Cashback
How Much Cashback You Can Get
epay money888
The settlement amount reaches 1 million RMB per transaction, get ¥888 cashback.
epay money1888
The settlement amount reaches 2 million RMB per transaction, get ¥1888 cashback.
epay money2888
The settlement amount reaches 3 million RMB per transaction, get ¥2888 cashback.
Why Choose Epay?
epay rate
Authoritative bank real-time exchange rate
epay price
Extremely cheap price
epay speed
T+0 settlement, instant arrival


1. The event cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.
2. The offer can only be used once per account.
3. The currency unit of the cashback is USD.
4. The cashback amount will be converted into US dollars according to the real-time exchange rate of CNY and USD, and will be credited to your Epay account.
5. The duration of this event is from 25th August to 31st, December, 2022 (GMT+0), one can get cashback only if the CNY settlement transaction finishes within the duration period.
6. Your qualification to participate in this event will be canceled in following circumstances, including but not limited to false or illegal transactions, abnormal status such as overdue, freeze, stop payment, and cancellation of the current account.
7. Epay reserves the rights of final interpretation and modification of this event to the extent permitted by law.