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Send Money to Alipay with Epay, Get iPhone14

2022-09-08 02:10:02

Send Money to Alipay with Epay, you will have the possibility to get an iPhone14.

This activity is faced with all users who remit money to Alipay with Epay, including personal remittance and batch remittance.

Details of the activity are as follows:

  1. Title: Remit money to Alipay, Get an iPhone14 (128G)
  2. When to start: From 8th, September to 26th, October
  3. How to draw: One lucky person will be randomly selected from the list of all remitters
  4. How to announce the winner: the raffle will be announced on the official Facebook @epayglobal, Twitter@epay.com, and Linkedin@Epay Global Payment LTD
  5. When to announce the winner: on 28th October 2022
  6. Way of participation:
  • Follow any official social media pages of Epay, including Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.
  • Comment "I have sent money to Alipay by Epay" on any post on our social media, and PM us the transaction number in the format of “order number and Alipay payee name”.
  1. Prize distribution details:
  • The raffle winner will be required to email the winner's name, contact information, address, and transaction details to service@epay.com within 3 working days after the winner is announced. If it is not sent to us within the specified time, we default you abandon the prize.
  • The prize will be sent out before 10th November only if the winner's information is received as scheduled.
  • After receiving the prize, the winner must share their experience of using Epay to remit money to Alipay and the feeling of winning the iPhone14 on social media.


  1. Please read the rules and related terms in detail before participating in the activity. Anyone who participates in it is deemed to agree to the rules and disclaimer terms.
  2. In the event of any of the following circumstances, your qualification to participate in this event will be canceled, including but not limited to false or illegal transactions, abnormal status such as overdue, freeze, stop payment, and cancellation of the current account.
  3. Epay reserves the right of final interpretation and modification of this activity to the extent permitted by law.

Remittance amounts over $2,000 are more likely to be the lucky one! Come and tag friends to remit now.