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Epay and Pix launch strategic cooperation in 2022

2022-12-21 01:51:10

Pix is a payment method launched by the Central Bank of Brazil in 2020 to promote the development of mobile payment. Consumers only need to scan the QR code to pay when shopping online or buying in-store. 

Simple understanding, pix is the Alipay in Brazil. It has been reported that the system made 177 million transactions within 46 days of its launch. Now, all the well-known e-commerce platforms have already supported PIX payment, including Magalu, Amazon, Meiketuo, Americanas, Uber, Drogasil, and Carrefour.

Because it is a local payment method, only Brazilian customers can register and pay by pix,  and Pix can only accept payments in Brazilian Real (BRL).

The reason why PIX is becoming more and more popular among merchants and users is that with Pix, individuals and merchants can complete transactions in less than 10 seconds just by using a mobile phone.

Unlike traditional transfer systems, Pix can realize instant transfers 24/7, all year round. Therefore, Pix undoubtedly facilitates consumption, accelerates, and simplifies the entire payment process.

Epay and PIX have reached a strategic cooperation to provide PIX collection services for different types of merchants or individuals. 


Pay with BRL to an overseas company


Some large companies with international business, such as Kuaishou International and NetEase Cloud International, need to recruit some local agents in Brazil to help the company open an account to expand the local market. These agents only have Brazilian reals. They can recharge Brazilian reals to Epay through PIX and turn them into US dollars, and then transfer the US dollars to the international company's Epay accounts so that they can transfer the USD to their bank account.

Do cross-border business in Brazil,  receive BRL by PIX

Regardless of whether your website sells products, technologies, or services, as long as you need to receive Brazilian reals from customers, you can embed PIX into the website by accessing Epay's payment gateway for BRL automatic collection.

Send money overseas with BRL or make currency exchange

Individuals can remit the Brazilian Real to more than 40 countries and regions through the PIX on Epay, or exchange it into US dollars, Euros, and other currencies and withdraw it to their own bank accounts.

Brazilian financial experts predict that in the next few years, Pix will firmly control cashless payments and transfers. Now, merchants can access PIX payment to the website through Epay for free, and the collection fee is as low as 0.8%. Visit the official website to contact us for more details about the PIX collection~