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Epay CNY batch remittance:sends money to several Chinese in one click

2022-12-28 08:45:59

The types of Epay users are diverse. In addition to individuals and e-commerce platform merchants, they can also be live streaming platforms, game platforms, dating platforms, overseas remittance companies, labor dispatch companies, overseas shopping agents, etc. In a word, as long as you have a requirement to remit US dollars or other currency to China, Epay is the right platform to meet your requirements.

CNY batch remittance refers to the process of remitting RMB to multiple beneficiaries at a time by filling in their information on a sheet. It is a remittance function independently developed by Epay to help enterprises improve remittance efficiency and save remittance costs.

If you are an overseas remittance company, you have many customers who need to remit money to China; if you are a multinational labor dispatch company or a large multinational group, and you need to pay wages to domestic employees or pay RMB to your suppliers, Epay can be very helpful.

Supported remittance currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, SGD, JPY, KRW, MYR, and currencies of 10 South American countries, including BRL, CLP, ARS, MXN, and so on.

Remittance method: recharge the above remittance currencies to Epay through local banks, and then pay-out CNY.

Supported batch remittance: bank account and Alipay.

Operation process: log in to Epay account >> click CNY batch settlement >> apply immediately.

After submitting the information, we have professionals to guide your one to one.  If you need to know more in advance, you can also send an email to or contact the website's online customer service.