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How to Receive Money from Other Countries

2022-11-24 08:28:20

How can I convert the foreign currency I have earned overseas into US dollars or RMB at a very low cost? This is the first question most customers will have before expanding their overseas business.

Epay continues to expand the global payment business and keeps providing secure, fast, and low-cost payment services to cover more countries and regions around the world, helping enterprises and individuals to achieve global business development. At present, Epay's remittance service has spread to more than 200 countries and regions around the world and has been trusted by millions of users.

In this article. We will have a deep analysis of Epay's local currency collection service from currencies supported, transfer methods, applications, and fees. 

Which currency is supported?

Epay Remittance supports overseas local currency transfers, including Japanese Yen, Korean Won, Nigerian Naira, and 10  South American countries' currencies including Brazilian Real, Chilean Peso, Argentine Peso, and Mexican Peso. Cash payment is also supported especially in South American countries, the cash outlets cover every corner of the city. Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) receiving payments will also be available soon.

How does it work?

The payment methods include local bank transfer, cash payment, and e-wallet payment.

Different from other payment platforms, users don’t have to open a collection account first, Epay will provide a local bank account for them. Cash payment is a unique payment method provided by Epay, customers take the cash to the nearest outlet, and the payment can be made in minutes. And e-wallets are only available for some currencies, for example, users with Brazilian reals can transfer funds through PIX, and Chilean pesos can be transferred through the Mercado Pago wallet. No matter which method is used, the funds will be automatically deposited into the user's Epay account.

When do you need Epay?

  1. When a personal user needs to make global remittances, pay international fees, or make currency exchange, etc.

Epay provides international remittance services and currency exchange services to global users. If you need to remit Korean won to your relatives and friends in China, the United States, Europe, or anywhere in the world; or if you only have foreign currencies such as US dollars or euros, you need to pay to individuals or businesses in other countries; and Exchange of foreign currency into domestic currency, all can be done on Epay.

  1. When a merchant needs a payment or collection method for his platforms

The types of merchants supported by Epay are diverse, such as export e-commerce platforms, live broadcast/game overseas platforms, technical service overseas platforms, etc. Epay's technical team provides customized API docking services for each merchant, realizing small-amount and high-frequency batch payments. All transactions are processed automatical, avoiding possible mistakes caused by manual operations, and improving efficiency.

Relying on the advantages of safety, speed, low price, and rich payment products, Epay Remittance provides suitable payment solutions for many overseas enterprises around the world and solves difficult problems that occur in international payments. Moreover, after making a profit, merchants can make settlements on Epay.

How much do you need to pay?

By connecting to local payment networks around the world, and obtaining the best real-time exchange rate in the market, Epay is able to provide low-cost transfers and minimize exchange losses for users. According to different currencies and transfer methods, the collection fee is as low as 0.1% per transaction.

 Epay Remittance provides flexible cross-border remittance and payment solutions for countless export merchants. and continues to expand global payment and receipt channels, allowing individuals and enterprises in more countries and regions to enjoy the most secure, compliant, convenient, and low-cost international transfer service.