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7 New Currencies are Listed! Pay-in wihout fees for a limited time

2022-12-23 07:23:42

The newly cooperated local bank deposit channel TY supports 7 types of currencies, the details are as follows:

Supported currencies: Singapore dollar (SGD), US dollar (USD), British pound (GBP), Korean won (KRW), Indonesian rupiah (IDR), Canadian dollar (CAD), and euro (EUR)

Supported countries/regions: Singapore, US, UK, Korea, Indonesia, Canada, and EU countries

Recharge method: Local bank transfer

Users Supported: Both individual and enterprise users

Who can use our service: 

1) Overseas companies collect money from local customers and exchange it for US Dollars.

2) Immigrate workers turn the wages earned from overseas into their motherland currency.

3) Company earns foreign currency and pays wages to their employees in their local currency. support batch payment.

4) Exchange the foreign currency you have for US Dollars to keep value.

*Please contact www.epay.com online customer service for more possibilities.

The first 100 users who deposit through the TY channel can enjoy a 0 transfer fee!

Top-up guidance:

Taking Singapore Dollar (SGD) as an example, the top-up method is as follows:

  1. Log in to the Epay account and enter the main interface;
  2. Click Assets>>Pay-in
  • Select the deposit currency: USD/EUR/HKD/JPY/GBP
  • Select payment currency: SGD
  • Select a country or region: Singapore
  • Select payment method: TY

3. Fill in the payment information as required.

4. Confirm the order information


5. Make payment with SGD

  • Pay SGD to the bank account according to the information provided, and click I've completed the payment 


6. Wait for the money to be credited