About Epay

Epay Global Limited (Official Website http://epay.com) was established on March 21, 2014,headquartered in Hong Kong, with branches cover over China, the United Kingdom, Samoa and other places. The team of Shenzhen Epay Global Payment Branch provides system technology and operational support. The team has a comprehensive global payment professional with product, technology development, marketing, risk control, operation and industry research capabilities. The team is strong and has deep payment expansion. And operational management capabilities. With 3000 plus worldwide local agents. As Tether official partner,support USD:USDT=1:1 trading .Epay offers convenient global electronic payment services, international wire transfers, pm/advcash and other e-wallet payments, as well as digital asset wallets such as Bitcoin,Ethereum.

History of Epay

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*[1]: Website Epay.com and E-wallet services are owned by Epay Global Limited, but Bitcoin and digital currency service are provided by Bitfinex.

*[2]: Bank remittance and Currency Exchange service on Epay.com are provided by Epay Limited (Hong Kong);

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An MSO licence granted by the Customs and Excise Department of HongKong does not give any form of approval or recognition to a business related to Bitcoin orsimilar virtual commodities.