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Epay.com-Affiliate Program

Nobody can tell the Epay story
better than our users.

Epay offers a simple and reliable two-level referral affiliate

Definition of the Two-Level Referral System

Two-Level Referral System

any user, whether corporate or individual,
that has an Epay account

get referral profits
referral friends
First-Level Referral

a user who was directly invited to Epay by you.

win referral profits
earn money by new referral
Second-Level Referral

a user who was invited to Epay by your
first-level referral.

earn e-money

How it works?

Epay.com offer you an excellent two-level referral system available to both business and users

  • 1. You refer someone to use your referral link to sign up.
  • 2. There will be transaction fee during transactions on Epay.
  • 3. More referrals generate more commission reward.

What is Commission?

You, as a referrer, will benefit from referred users' actions and transactions as follows.

What is Commission 1st-Level Referrals 2nd-Level Referrals
Transaction Fee 5% 3%

For transaction with no transaction fee, no referral bonus will be paid.All referral bonus are deducted from Epay transaction fees,
means that we share our earnings with you.

How do I Promote my Affiliate Program?

Where and How to Publish Information

To maximize your profits, we recommend that you attract new users who operate online stores or similar Internet
businesses,generating plenty of sales/transactions.Forums,blogs,social networks,mailing lists,etc.

share referral link
Register for an account and
share your referral link.
get commission from your referral
Get commission for every
person who make a transaction
through your link.
referral social networks
Place your link on online
stores, blogs, social networks,
mailing lists,etc.

Where's my referral Link?

Log into your Epay account. Go to "Affiliate Program" pages to get your
personalized referral link.

Where's my referral Link?
affiliate banners

Banners help you promote

Add a banner to your website, or integrate it into your e-commerce application.
Join our affiliate program and start making more commission reward for you.

add affiliate banners