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Improve your business performance
with Epay payment gateway

What does Epay solve for Cross-Border E-Commerce?

Quickly access global remittance service

Access Epay payment Gateway API to enable your platform to acquire global collection capabilities

Convenient online payment experience

Automatically generate payment orders, to have smooth online payment experience in one page

Third party real-time exchange rate

Easily make settlement and withdraw, avoid the risk of exchange rate fluctuations

What does Epay solve for travel/study abroad agencies?

One-stop capital in and out channel

Help institutions to receive different currencies and convert to local currency.

Simple access, simpler reconciliation

Automatically create an account for institution users, and institutions can easily manage remittances orders through the backstage.

Diversified collection methods

In addition to local bank transfer, several E-currencies are supported

What does Epay solve for labor dispatch company?

Pay in local currency, no matter where the employee comes from

Easily solve the problem of sending their wages home

No registration, employee account is easy to have

Automatically create account identities for employees,institutions pay salary in batch at the backstage

Remit worldwide, with lower fees

With the advantages of remittance channels, get a more stable and quality remittance service at a lower price

Obtain multiple payment methods by one API

Get Epay API document right now

If you are an owner of Shopify, Woocommerce or WHMCS, please read the following documents: