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Reasonable Epay fees

We don't think it makes any sense to charge you fees orsending
and receiving payment worldwide

Free as much as possible

There is no cost for sending and receiving payment among Epay accounts, people around the world trust us to pay and get paid.

Free account registration
Free to send and receive money
Free to deposit via bank channel
Free to deposit via Bitcoin
Cryptocurrencies (Big volume order deposit is free , small amount order deposits fees as below,excluded USDT)
Small Deposit(Single Order) Withdraw Cryptocurrency trading
BTC 0.0005 BTC(≤ 0.2 BTC) 0.0005BTC Buy 0.3% ( Sell 4% )
ETH 0.005 ETH(≤ 5 ETH) 0.005 ETH Buy 0.3% ( Sell 4% )
EOS Free Free Buy 0.3% ( Sell 4% )
XRP 0.2 XRP(≤ 3000 XRP) 0.2 XRP Buy 0.3% ( Sell 4% )
BCH 0.001 BCH(≤ 2.5 BCH) 0.001 BCH Buy 0.3% ( Sell 4% )
LTC 0.01 LTC(≤ 18 LTC) 0.01 LTC Buy 0.3% ( Sell 4% )
USDT 5 USDT ( Tether charged ) 20 USDT ( Tether charged ) Buy 4% ( Sell 1% )
PAX Not Support Yet 1PAX 1%
Deposit Withdraw
Perfect Money 5% 1%
AdvCash 5% 1%
Payeer 5% 1%
FasaPay 5% 1%
Bank Channel&Others
Currency Deposit
(Single Minimum Fee)
(Single Minimum Fee)
Wire Transfer USDEURGBPHKDJPY Free 1%(5.00)
Epay service
Currency Fee Single Minimum Fee
Send money to Epay account USDEURGBPHKDJPY Free /
Receive money from Epay account Free /
Create Lucky Money 1% 0.01
Type Wire Transfer E-currencies
Amendment Fee (Withdrawal) USD $40 /
Refund Fee (Deposit) USD $40 /
Remittance Charges (Others) USD $20 Withdrawal fees listed have included the corresponding E-wallet tansfer fee.

Please Note:

Deposite & withdraw Via e-currency will be processed automatically by Epay system,we do not support any chargeback.

If users request to cancel the Wire Transfer withdrawal order,or the remittance is returned by bank whatsoever, the bank fee and service fee will not be returned.

All orders that do not comply with Epay or Bank risk control rules, we have the right to cancel the orders. Meanwhile, Epay do not undertake any additional costs arising therefrom.

Fees listed above just for reference, actual fees are computed in the production system.


*If you have any questions about fees, please call us.
+86 755 22248886-805(Global)

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