We created a global money transfer network

Remitting with local currencies is acceptable ,transaction processing on with safety and quickly,exchange and withdrawal currencies in any where.

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Global remitting network base on Blockchain

Based on the block chain technology, the digital currency issued on the self-built block chain,1 EUSD equal to 1 USD . Focus on providing services for global small and medium-sized financial participants, and solve the problems that they are facing with, such as high cost, low efficiency and inconvenient operation of cross-border remittance fee for small and medium-sized financial

Our service
Cross-border remittance

Usage Environment

receiving payment for overseas students; remittance for overseas workers; accommodation, transportation,entertainment, and shopping for overseas travellers


lower fees for remittance
Fast and convenient

Global clearing housing

Cooperating Institution

Global financial institutions such as Banks, remittance companies and Internet financial platforms


Increase business volume with a large number of orders for cooperative partners.Running with policy of Open and transparent , cannot tamper with,thus the transaction is real, and credible.

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