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A friendly reminder

A friendly reminder for your customers you can send a request to anyone with an email






Looking for business solutions?

Epay Multiple Payment Gateways make it easy to get more customers to improve sales directly

add Epay can help lift sales

Offering Epay as a payment option can help lift sales

Customers speed through checkout in just a few clicks—which can greatly improve conversion rates.

Fast access to funds

Fast access to funds means cash flow you can count on

When you close a sale, your funds show up in your Epay account usually within a few minutes. From there, you can easily transfer them to your bank account.

epay API connection

Big savings for commission and API connection

Epay USD is defaulted free but changeable on your part; other E-currency fees are 1.5%.

Multi-user Collection

Multi-user Collection

With Multi-user Collection, you can create a bill and request mutiple payers to make payment via their E-mail addresses. Minutes later, the payers get a friendly reminder.

Epay Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding - Epay makes it easier

For public fundraising, project financing etc., Epay offers you a public and transparent market environment.

Epay AA Collection

AA Collection

Friends gatherings, activities, etc., cost-sharing averagely.

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Free to receive money
around the world.

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Your financial details are securely encrypted within our services.

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Create and send your
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Make payments to anyone
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