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I am operating an online shopping website in Europe. And we started to expand the Brazilian market since 2019. But the single EURO payment method hindered the growth of sales volume. This has been changed after we cooperated with Epay, our Brazilian customers can pay BRL online or by cash, and Epay settles the EURO to us. This year we are expected to open up markets in Chile and Colombia, and will reach larger cooperation with Epay.

Innovative cross-border collection, one-stop capital settlement
Overseas customers only need to pay the local currency and Epay can economically and efficiently settle it to the currency you need with multi-channels, helping you to explore new markets and seize the opportunities in the digital economy era.

Make bulk payment with multi-currency and multi-channel
Epay can effectively help corporates such as live broadcast platforms, online teaching company, foreign-invested enterprises, and labor dispatch companies to make bulk payment.
Epay supports more than 80 currencies, receivers can pick up cash or receive through bank account. There are more than 200,000 cash pick-up locations around the world, which enables people to move money wherever it needs to be, in the most time and cost-efficient manner.

I'm an international live broadcast platform operator, this platform enables us reach worldwide customers. They receive the platform coins as remuneration and need to exchange the coins to their local currency. After cooperating with various payment platforms, we found Epay is the only platform that helps us solve the pay-out issue in different currencies. The handling fee is extremely reasonable, funds can be received on the same day, that's amazing!
I am the CEO of a language online teaching institution. We hire qualified teachers all over the world. But there is no way to pay them with their local currency. It was one of my friend who introduced Epay to me. We use Epay for the payment method to pay salaries for our teachers in 16 countries with their local currency, which undoubtedly makes us have closer cooperation with the teachers. Thanks Epay!

I am a Vietnamese working in South Korea, and I need to send money home every month. It costs more fees and spends longer time to send money home through banks. By chance, I learned about Epay on Facebook and tried to make a small remittance, It supports both bank card transfers and cash deposits at ATMs. The price is 3 times cheaper than banks, and my family can receive the money on the same day, which is amazing!

Experience a secure, fast and low-cost cross-border money transfer
Cooperated with more than 400 banks around the world, Epay aims to build a one-stop remittance platform to provide convenient and affordable money transfer services for millions of people who study, travel, do business, work abroad. Simplifying the whole process, funds can arrive on the same day and the fee starts at $3.

Open your own named European SEPA bank account online
Traditionally, opening a European SEPA bank account is a complicated and protracted process. However, Epay enables you to have a EUR IBAN account in a simple way, supporting individual or corporation in most nationalities. Funds can be freely transferred and exchanged in the account. Enterprise can easily open their own European local bank accounts without an offshore company!

It is very difficult for a foreigner to have a European local bank account. The bank requires us to provide a lot of information, and the process is complicated, and there is no guarantee that the account can be successfully opened. After using Epay online banking, I obtained my own European SEPA bank account online easily, and I can even use Epay to send money back to my family in the Philippines at a very low fee.