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Global Remit

        How to receive an order?

1、Basic conditions

Complete advanced real name certification

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2、Full deposit

When applying for remittance agency, the corresponding deposit will be deducted according to the credit rating of the business. Make sure that there is sufficient EUSD in the account. If the certification is cancelled or failed, the deposit will be returned to the Epay account.

Available Balance: Deposit
I agree to freeze the deposit

3、Send an application email

(1) Preparation of application materials: money changer qualification certificate.

(2) Preparation of application materials: currency exchange address certification documents.

(3) Please downloadthe application information template and fill in the application materials as required.

(4) Please send the above application information to service1@epay.com with the subject of "Request to become a global remittance agency".

(5) After sending the email, please agree to the Freeze Deposit and Global Remittance Agency Agreement on this page, then click the "Apply now" to submit your application.

4、Audit information

We will review your business application as soon as possible, please keep your contact information open, we may take the initiative to get in touch with you.